African Coelacanth Ecosystem Programme (ACEP)

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SAIAB, Somerset Street,
Eastern Cape
South Africa
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Educational Resource Material : The sub-programme uses the scientific methodology and research findings from ocean exploration activities and translates these into fun interactive curriculum based lessons for all ages. General information and awareness resources are also produced examples are fact sheets and puzzles. ,

School Programs:
Through various initiatives and exciting outreaches EE/PA strives to capture the imagination of the youth, encourages them to value and conserve marine and coastal resources, and inspires them to seek careers in science, engineering and technology. The sub- programme specifically provides and supports educators with new educational resources that link to the school curriculum and the marine environment. Considerable materials have already been developed by ACEP for educators and learner workshops, in line with the national curriculum. Videos on careers in marine science and the marine environment have been developed. ACEP also provides experiential learning on board the research ship bringing the sea into the classroom for thousands of young learners and educators. EE/PA plays a pivotal in networking, through either contributing too actively or initiating new networks, providing a platform for communication, sharing experiences and training for environmental educators. These networks also create a synergy between different organisations and government. ,

Using the coelacanth as an icon, ACEP is exploring the western Indian Ocean to promote the wise collective management of marine resources, sustainability and an improved quality of life for all countries involved.