National Oceanography Centre Southampton

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United Kingdom
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SO14 3ZH
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NOCS produces a range of publications including the Annual report and the regular newsletter Ocean Zone. These are aimed at a wide audience and report the latest exciting developments in ocean and earth sciences. Our prospectuses provide information on the undergraduate and postgraduate sources and opportunities on offer at the Centre. The Centre produces over 600 scientific publications per year ,

School Programs:
The School of Ocean and Earth Science of the University of Southampton offers research-led undergraduate and postgraduate training across the full range of Ocean and Earth Sciences. The School of Ocean & Earth Science is housed in the most prestigious centre of its kind in Europe, the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. We offer degrees incorporating the following subject areas: ??? Geology, Geophysics (all accredited by ) ??? Oceanography, Marine Biology ??? Ocean & Earth Science We're recognised nationally and internationally for: ??? Our excellence in teaching ??? A relaxed and informal learning environment ??? Providing challenging degrees for professional careers ??? Our cutting-edge research environment The Graduate School of the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton is administratively part of the School of Ocean and Earth Science of the University of Southampton. There are currently around 120 full- and part-time research (MPhil/PhD) students within the Graduate School, with an annual intake of about 30, and approximately 50 Masters and (MSc and MRes) students. The school attracts students from all over the world and from all science disciplines. ,

The National Oceanography Centre Southampton houses a number of exhibits, of interest to the science community as well as to the general public.

Study Collections:

The NOCS is home to BOSCORF (British Ocean Sediment Core Research Facility).,

The National Oceanography Centre Southampton is the national focus for oceanography in the UK with a remit to achieve scientific excellence in its own right as one of the world's top five oceanographic research institutions. Its diverse mission ranges from managing the national research vessel fleet and other major facilities, to a programme of strategic research for NERC as well as academic research and education in ocean and earth sciences. Its mission also encompasses major ocean technology development; sustaining long-term observations; managing international science programmes; promoting enterprise, knowledge transfer; providing advice to Government, business and charities, and the engagement between science and society. Moreover, the Centre is also specifically charged with working with the wider science community, in an inclusive way, to provide strategic leadership, coordination and facilitation for the whole of the UK marine and related earth sciences. The Centre undertakes: Basic, strategic and applied research Education Enterprise activities Technology Development Outreach Provision of Advice to Governments Provision of National Marine Science facilities (including ships)