Seafriends Marine Conservation and Education Centre

Street Address:
7 Goat Island Rd.
Leigh R.D.5.
New Zealand

Our web site drew over 1 million vistors in 2005.

School Programs:
A day at Seafriends: snorkelling, beach studies, lectures, movies, aquarium studies and more. Internet-based accelerated learning about conservation and ecology.,

(In development.),


Public library, information centre, closed loop ecosystem marine aquariums.,

Web Programs:

Accelerated learning about geology, soil, sustainability, erosion, oceanography, circulation, waves, beaches and dunes, resource management, biodiversity, conservation, marine reserves, underwater photography, water sampling. As an independent agent we expose myths and fallacies in human thinking, science and policies. We challenge scientists with new discoveries about our beaches, dunes and how the sea works.,

Saving the sea by conservation with common sense, by education and self-responsibility. Finding answers to why we are losing so much so fast.