Distance Learning Resources for Educators

We know that in the weeks and months ahead educators will be challenged to reach their student with distance learning opportunities. days with engaging and educational stimulation and learning opportunities. To support all marine educators in the weeks ahead, the World Ocean Observatory has compiled distance learning resources about the ocean. Check back often: we'll be updating this list as resources come in.

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March 27, 2020

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Our Ocean Planet: A Teacher's Manual for Ocean Science  

The One Ocean Curriculum:
What Every Student Ought to Know About the Ocean

A compilation of key ocean concepts

World Ocean Curriculum Catalog
A comprehensive list of links to educational content, lesson plans, and educational activities for kindergarten through secondary programs.

OneNOAA Science Seminars
In conjunction with Google Classroom, these seminars serve to open a dialogue between students, eliciting responses to talks they've seen.

Scholastic Learn From Home
For educators. Day-to-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking and learning.

Education While Physical Distancing at Home
Social solidarity through educational programs

Our Climate Our Future
A collection of videos, lesson plans and activities about climate science, impacts and solutions, is well-suited for distance learning. An Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) digital climate education resource.

Deep Dive into the Ocean Ecosystem with Whales
A learning tool about whales, interconnected species and organisms, climate change and humanity. A Cape Breton University Senior Seminar Community Action Project. Modules 1-22

Dalhousie Ocean School Learn from Home
Every Monday the Ocean School will share a new week of content, essentially a week long lesson plan using their available resources. Every day will include a piece of media and a complimentary assignment all using an ocean lens to teach a variety of subjects, such as science, math, social studies, and language arts. Both educators and parents can use Ocean School with their kids at home and the content is appropriate for kids in grades 6 to 9. Ocean School is available in French, English and soon in Spanish.