Breaking Waves: Ocean News

09/17/2023 - 23:00
npj Ocean Sustainability, Published online: 18 September 2023; doi:10.1038/s44183-023-00019-5 The influence of Antarctic governance on marine protected areas in the Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction Agreement negotiations
09/17/2023 - 20:00
In this special episode, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham are thrilled to announce a landmark collaboration with NOAA: the upcoming podcast "Planet NOAA: From Sun to Sea, and Everything in Between." Co-hosted by Peter and Aya Collins, Director of Communications and Education for the National Ocean Service, today's episode is more than just an announcement; it’s an in-depth look at the journey that led to this partnership. Aya Collins and Lori Arguelles, NOAA's Director of Strategic Communications, join us to share personal insights and the story behind "Planet NOAA." Discover how this unique collaboration was conceived, get to know the personalities behind it, and learn what to expect from this riveting new show that will span topics from solar phenomena to ocean exploration.
09/16/2023 - 09:55
We are nearing the end of the RESCUE series. This week, in its 30th edition, we're talking about water: the well-spring of world ocean health and the essential natural system that sustains us all, thus its protection and sustainability are the key strategy for RESCUE.
09/14/2023 - 23:07
In 2021, John Englander was on Shorewords, talking about his book, Moving to Higher Ground. Much of the conversation was about options for adapting to the rise in sea level projected by the recently released 2021 IPCC Report. Recent news indicates that climate conditions have not improved since 2021. The 2022 State of the Climate Report found that global sea level was 4 inches above the 1993 baseline, floods in Southeast Asia were one of the costliest natural disasters in recorded history, destroying crops and property, causing over 1.700 fatalities, and affecting over 30 million people. This summer, ocean temperatures were up to 100 degrees F and floods are again in the news. This week, the United Nations released the 1st Climate Report Card since the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement that found that time is running out to keep the increase in global temperature at or below 1.5 degrees Celsius, the goal of the Paris Agreement. It seemed like a good time to revisit John Englander’s book and his suggestions for adapting to rising sea level. 
09/14/2023 - 23:00
npj Ocean Sustainability, Published online: 15 September 2023; doi:10.1038/s44183-023-00021-x Arctic shipping trends during hazardous weather and sea-ice conditions and the Polar Code’s effectiveness