World Ocean Explorer

An educational, award-winning interactive 3D platform for ocean exploration and discovery. Explorer is a cutting edge virtual aquarium designed to increase ocean literacy and interest in ocean fields of study for students ages 10 - 16 through a fun, dynamic web-based interactive. Each module within World Ocean Explorer is absolutely free to use. CHROME browser strongly recommended. Dive in!

World Ocean Explorer's premier exhibit
Sponsored by Schmidt Ocean Institute
Launched: March 29, 2022
Latest Update: February, 2024

World Ocean Explorer's second feature
Supported by Seth Sprague Educational & Charitable Foundation
Launch: April 2023
Coral Reefs will present a 3D magnification of coral environments in all their movement, color, beauty, biodiversity, and importance. In collaboration with the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation, who will provide coral content expertise and guidance, leveraging their vast catalog of content, scientific findings, educational resources, and other coral reef ecology curriculum, Coral Reefs 3D exhibit will transform how we learn about these fragile and important ecosystems. Learn more.