Ocean Policy

The industrialization of the ocean threatens not only the health of the marine ecosystems but our very way of life: access to fresh water, to protein, to coastal communities, to trade, recreation, the global economy, and more. If poorly managed and left unchecked, we stand to damage and destroy the natural world and the fragile marine environments on which we depend.

Thankfully, there are a number of federal and international agencies crafting and enforcing policies designed to protect, maintai, and restore the health of the world ocean. This list offers only a sampling; check back soon or make a suggestion. We'll continue to update.


UNESCO Ocean Literacy Tool Kit for Policy Makers
United Nations World Ocean Assessment
A New Oceans Agreement
UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

National Strategy for the Arctic Region



National Endowment for the Oceans



Law of the Sea Treaty

European Union Common Fisheries Policy




 National Ocean Policy




Code for Environmental Management of Marine Mining




 UN Convention on Biological Diversity