World Ocean Journal

Volume 7: Solutions, Part Two

August 2021

In this issue:
- Art and Culture
- Building Bridges with Ocean Clusters
- World Ocean Forum: Solutions Within Reach
- Addressing Ocean Pollution
- Tackling Climate Change
- Ocean Finance
- World Ocean Publications
- W2O Programs and Strategies

Volume 7: Solutions, Part One

December 2020

In this issue:
- The Biomimicry Institute: Smart Design Inspired by Nature
- World Economic Forum Uplink Challenge
- Hacking 4 The Oceans
- Modern Day Visualizations

Volume 6: Reflections on the World Ocean

December 2019

In this issue:
The essays gathered in this issue are taken from the more than 530 transcripts for our weekly audio feature, World Ocean Radio. Some of the essays are journalism; some are opinion; others are lyrical reflections; some are poetry; all are derived from the wide, deep, and dynamic ocean, the sea that connects all things.
- Chapter 1: Energy
- Chapter 2: Climate
- Chapter 3: Ocean Exemplars
- Chapter 4: The Cryosphere
- Chapter 5: Fresh Water
- Chapter 6: Marine Life and Global Fisheries
- Chapter 7: Pollution
- Chapter 8: Culture
- Chapter 9: The Ocean's Edge

Volume 5: Ocean Literacy

February 2019

In this issue:
- Educating and Engaging the Next Generation of Ocean Stewards
- The Ocean Literacy Framework
- Where Does Water Go? with Decolonial Atlas, Aquifers and Watersheds of the US
- When Rivers Take the Long Way Around
- Our Perpetual Ocean: Currents from Space
- The Facts (and Visualizations) About Sea Level Rise
- Climate Reanalyzer
- The Cradle of Life: Shedding Light on Earth's First Oxygen-Breathing Life
- Hydrothermal Vents Thriving Deep on the Seafloor
- The Encyclopedia of Life
- We Are a Maritime Nation with Lincoln Paine
- Where Does Water Come From?
- Mapping the Ocean Floor
- Learning by Doing: Teaching Beyond the Classroom
- Billion Oyster Project
- The 8 Million Species We Don't Know with Edward O. Wilson

Volume 4: The Ocean and Human Health

December 2017

In this issue:
- What Does the Ocean Have to Do with Human Health?
- The Ocean Health Index
- Resurfacing from Trauma: Operation Surf
- Water is Medicine for Life: An Excerpt from Blue Mind  by Wallace J Nichols
- Climate Change Refugees: Resilience, Adaptation and Survival with Secretary John Kerry
- Seasons of Stress: Responding to Climate Change with Henry Penn
- Our Plastic Pollution Problem with the School of Sustainable Engineering, Arizona State
- The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health with US Global Change Research
- Folia Water with Jonathan Levine
- We All Live Downstream with Chris Clarke for KCET
- Reinventing Our Food System with Robert Jones, The Nature Conservancy
- Marine Pharmacology with Dr. Harshad Malve
- Genome Mining and DNA Sequencing: Unraveling the Mystery with Scripps Institute
- Codland: Making the Most Out of the Catch with Dr. Thor Sigfusson
- Creative Collisions with the New England Ocean Cluster

Volume 3: Water Is Life

December 2016

In this issue:
- Where Does Water Come From?
- A Cascade of Books on Water: What We're Reading
- Sacred Places: Conserving Nature and Culture
- Law of Mother Earth
- Water Footprint Network
- The World Water Manifesto
- Laudato Sí

Volume 2: Islands

June 2015

In this issue:
- Pres. Tommy Remengesau: Keynote at the UN Healthy Oceans Forum
- Lincoln Paine: Review of Atlas of Remote Islands
- Joe Quirk & The SeaSteading Institute: Can Floating Islands Save the Ocean?
- Fogo Arts: Residency-Based Contemporary Art from Newfoundland, CA
- Peter Neill: Thinking Like an Island
- The Blue Halo Initiative Barbuda: Using the Ocean Without Using it Up
- Lewis Pugh: No Man Is an Island




Volume 1: inaugural Issue

January 2014

In this issue:
- Lincoln Paine and his "The Sea & Civilization" A Maritime History of the World
- Ocean Portfolio: Mami Wata Art for Water Spirits in Africa
- The Ocean & Human Ecology: A Conversation w/Darron Collins, College of the Atlantic
- Small Islands, Extreme Weather and a Changing Climate
- A Conversation with Wendi Goldsmith of the Bioengineering Group