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February 16, 2014

The world ocean is sick. The symptoms are no longer deniable: reported oil spills, leaks, runoff, dying reefs, warming temperatures, melting ice, changing pH, depleted fisheries, and hypoxic zones. In this episode of World Ocean Radio, host Peter Neill will talk about the state of the world ocean, will discuss “sea blindness” as a symptom of our current condition, and will ask, “What will it take?”, suggesting that we know what must be done but we are not yet aware enough, mad enough, or desperate enough to do enough about it.

August 25, 2013
August 16, 2013
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March 15, 2013
December 30, 2012
November 10, 2012
April 13, 2012
February 24, 2012
February 10, 2012

Rachel Carson and Jacques Cousteau's legacies have driven decades of new investigation, research institutes, conservation action and programs in the U.S. and around the world. Their work has inspired increased ocean observation and advocacy and has raised ocean knowledge and planning to its highest level. But is it enough? In this episode of World Ocean Radio, host Peter Neill will discuss the initial phases of the Carson/Cousteau legacy and will argue that if the second phase of that legacy was the definition of questions, then the future of the world ocean will depend upon the next phase: the application and invention of answers.

February 3, 2012
December 16, 2011
May 9, 2010
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March 9, 2010

In this episode, host Peter Neill discusses the ocean as the central element in our lives. He explains why the ocean is essential to human survival: our primary source of food, water, climate and community. And he argues that the ocean is the undeniable determinate ecology in which we live. This week and every week, World Ocean Radio celebrates the vast, interconnected global system that is the world ocean. The sea connects all things...